Interview Tips

Well done, you have got invited to an interview, but what can you expect or rather what is your future employer expecting of you? See our tips below to help you prepare.


Find out about the Company and review the job specification before the interview.

Your Consultant will be able to help you with information about the Company and Job specification but you will need to do some personal research by logging onto the Company Website and reading the job description fully.

Find out about the structure of the interview

Most interviews follow a similar format

Questions based on your CV to explain your career path and ambitions

General questions that may be asked in the interview

Your questions

Find out about the details of the interview

  1. What is the date, time and location?

    Your Consultant will write down this information for you. Allow plenty of time for the journey and aim to arrive at least ten minutes early. If you are held up, phone ahead and let them know. Do a trial run at getting there if necessary, and don't forget to check timetables or parking availability.
  2. Who will be interviewing you?

    Ask your Consultant. Be prepared for the possibility of a panel interview. In a panel interview, answer questions looking from one interviewer to another.
  3. How should you dress?

    First impressions are important! Dress suitably for the company, and don't overdo your makeup, jewellery and perfume/ aftershave. Hair should be clean and tidy. Take just one neat bag or briefcase with you. Be smart and clean, but make sure you are wearing something you are comfortable in and turn your mobile phone off. Your Consultant can advise you on what to wear if you are unsure. It is best to wear a slightly different outfit for a second interview at the same company, but do be as smart.
  4. What should you take?

    A copy of your current CV and all relevant certificates and references. A notepad and pen may also be handy, along with a few questions to ask the interviewer.


How to behave

Answering questions


Speak to your Consultant immediately so that the interview is still fresh in your mind and say whether you are interested in the vacancy or not. Your consultant will phone the interviewer and pass any response on to you. If a job offer is made, your Consultant will do all the negotiations for you, and as they know you and the market - you can rest assured that you will get the best possible package.

If the interview does not create a job offer, do not be too disappointed. It is excellent experience for the future and we can help you to build on your interview technique if necessary.

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