Covering Letter

After spending time on creating the perfect CV, a covering letter/email is often overlooked and sometimes completely ignored - a covering letter is the perfect accompaniment to your CV. A great covering letter can help your CV stand out from the countless others that an employer receives, and it is your chance to make a good first impression.

Don’t use a template for each job you apply, take the time to make it personal and relevant to the role that you are applying for , to entice your potential employer to read through your CV and invite you to interview.

Start Off

The content of your letter should be brief and structured, avoiding any lengthy repetition of information covered in your CV

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Paragraphs 2 & 3: Why you are good for the job

Being aware of ‘ABC’s’ enviable reputation in the marketplace and your companies plans to expand into Europe, I would relish the opportunity to be part of your future success.

I am currently working as European Business Development Manager for the ‘XYZ Group’ I have been responsible for developing business, and recently won several large blue chip contracts from major competitors across Europe, which has increased revenue byaround £1.5 million per annum. I have achieved all I can at the ‘XYZ Group’ and ready for a new challenge. I am fluent in Italian & Spanish and having the skills, experience, ambition and drive to help your company realise its’ plans’, I believe I make an excellent addition to your company.’

Final Paragraph: Closure

Please make sure that you covering letter takes no more than one page - DO NOT go on and on or you will lose the interest of your potential employer.

MOST IMPORTANTLY , keep your letter POSITIVE, DO NOT use any negative words or phrases - only highlight what you can doin relation to the role, and your experiences..

If you do not have the skills or experience ask yourself should I be applying for this role?

Download Cover Letter Tips (.docx)